Kim Kardashian’s arse is trending on social media. Can we have that Apocalypse now?


Why the hell does Kim Kardashian’s arse look like a glazed doughnut!?!

Oh my dear waffle bloggers how can we escape the eclipse that is Kim Kardashian’s arse! I mean seriously it puts you off buying a doughnut for a sneaky lunchtime treat! doughnut

What is that woman thinking! For years us women have been told loose weight, look great – not have an arse the size of mount Everest!

And now MDWB’s what do you buy the man who has everything for his birthday… clearly the answer is an arse in silicone!

This wasn’t any old arse. Oh no – we’re talking a silicon sculpture of Kim’s own bottom that she apparently had made to show her husband just how she feels about him.

 I’m not sure if this is a subliminal message to tell him he’s an arse or just because he’s a big fan of her buttocks, but…

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