Major Surgery – Ulcerative Colitis Sucks!

Jenny Ellis' Blog

1st Oct 2007 first day of surgery. Matt, Luke and myself arrived at the hospital, the other children were in school with grandparents in place to take care of them. We saw the stoma nurse and she drew with a black marker pen on Luke’s stomach where the stoma would be placed. The wait for the surgery seemed so long, Luke could not settle and only wanted to be reassured that he would be able to play football afterwards. It would be the last time Luke’s stomach would look perfect, without holes and without scars from surgery:(

4pm time to go down for the surgery Matt had agreed to go with him into the anaesthetic room. Which was a relief for me, I sat and waited outside, thankfully I didn’t have to go through the emotions of leaving him looking like he was dead, this time it was a…

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