Marriage: Vulnerability Required

Gracefilled Growth

By Sarah Randolph Photography By Sarah Randolph Photography

My eyes were glued to the screen as I scrolled through each page. I had stumbled upon a blog post which lead to another, and another, and another. Each one real, heart-wrenching stories of women whose marriages fell apart for one reason or another. Some of these stories had happy endings, endings of redemption, a fixing of what was broken. Some, not so much.

As I read each line, I became lost in the stories. And, my heart also became lost, wandering to a place I had never intended to go.

I put myself in their shoes. And, I begin to ask the what if questions. What if my husband betrayed me? What if he left me for someone else? What if he stopped loving me? What would my world look like?

The enemy placed a sense of fear into my heart as I thought about…

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