Paying it Forward

Relatables & Rationales

The idea of ‘paying it forward’ is so noble and honorable. Paying for the car behind you’s order at the drive-thru. Buying a bag of groceries for a family in need around the holidays. These are all wonderful ways to pay it forward, but they are short-lived.

What if you could pay it forward forever?


I was blessed to have a grandmother (lovingly called ‘Omi’) who began saving for my college tuition as soon as I was born. Because of her foresight, dedication, and resources, I was able to graduate with my bachelor’s and master’s degree completely debt-free.

What if everyone had an ‘Omi?’

Taking away the financial stress associated with earning a degree allowed me to focus on my coursework and solidified my belief in the power of higher education. I want to help ease future students’ worries about financing their education and allow them to earn their…

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