She is…

sonnenblume 愛

she is

She is the kind of girl who was told so many times that she doesn’t know what love is.

She is the girl who wants to see everyone around her smile.

She is the girl that values truth more than anything.

She is the pure girl that’s so afraid to grow up.

Once you tell her a lie she will never believe you…ever again.

Once you hurt her once..she will never forgive you…never.

Once you ignore her she will never try and get you back…never.

She is the kind of girl that expects you to be fighting for her…

She has given you her trust, her smile, her dreams.

She has given you SHE.

What more do you want?

She expects you to do the same.

She’s the one that expects you to ask her how she feels.

She expects you to come knocking at her door with a smile…

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