TGNT Day 3: Free Worksheet in Progress

Nina's Work from Home Journey

Below are the items you need to start working from home:

1. Have the RIGHT Mindset

mindset Believe it or not, thisis directly proportion to your success in earning online. The earlier you have this, the better. The more you have this, the greater you will be.

There are a lot of people who approaches me and inform me that they want to earn online. Some of them asks what’s the easiest job to take. Some also say that they are tired of the 8am-5pm routine. Also, most of them say they hate their boss, the work environment and the heavy traffic jam they have to survive every single day of their workweek.

More… (on the free worksheet)

2. Others

Skills can be easily acquired. Hence, work on getting the right mindset first.

Anyway, here are the other items you need:

1. PC/Laptop System Requirements

Dual Core Processor or higher, 2GB…

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