The Perfect Pet for You

Endings In Beginnings

Article By: Dennis Watkins

Live-in companionship isn’t what it used to be. Pet ownership by single people has increased by almost 17% since 2006, finds a new report by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Research has shown that critters can keep you happier, healthier & maybe even smarter than going it alone. Check out these scientific perks of having a pet:

Dogs: Dog owners have lower cholesterol than non-owners, get more exercise, lose more weight when dieting, & have lower blood pressure spikes when stressed, according to a recent review of pet ownership studies conducted by the American Heart Association.

Cats: Having a cat reduces your risk of dying from heart disease by 37%, says a study from the University of Minnesota. And even if you’ve owned a cat in the past, but don’t currently keep a feline, your risk of heart disease has been reduced by 26%. Researchers…

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