Uneasy lies the tooth that holds a crown


The trouble with going to a new dentist is that you can never be quite sure what you’re dealing with until she’s already elbows-deep inside your mouth, and by then it’s too late.

If you read the first installment of my dental trilogy, you know that I tried my best to lay on a thick layer of compliments after my initial visit, during which I learned that I’d soon be coming back to have a dental crown removed.

Up until today, I’d only been subjected to a cursory examination by my new dentist, after which she delivered the soul-crushing news of tooth decay beneath a crown placed years ago in the tenderest region of my upper-left jaw.

Today would be the first true test of my new dentist, because today she’d be coming in with her tools ablazin’.

After being chatted up again my Sue at the front desk…

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