What’s in a follow?

The Monster in Your Closet

pirate spideyNearly a thousand people have followed my blog the last two weeks.

Astonishingly, most are actually bloggers, not just folks marketing deals for “raulssupercheapcarpets” or “splendiferousbalicruises.”

Most have followed quietly. I’m not sure how they found my blog or what they liked enough to bother following it. I always yearn to know, but it never occurred to me to ask.

Is it my stick figure drawings? (Can’t imagine it.) My animated GIFs? (Likelier, but there aren’t too many of ’em.) My husband’s work? (But surely that couldn’t be the whole reason? I mean, look at me as a pirate! Compelling stuff!) My words on motherhood and my own mom? (Because who doesn’t like wallowing in melancholy?)

Wait, I have a novel idea! How about I ask you?!

Why did you follow this blog? Why haven’t you unfollowed it yet?
How might I entice you to talk?
Also, how you doin’?

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