Why Is It So Hard To Tell Someone You Love Them?

Abundance Symphony

The Enigma That Plagues So Many

We know what we feel inside, we know how much someone means to us, we know how much we care. Yet when it comes to admitting this to the person, we freeze. We just can’t seem to find the words or the courage. What is this strange phenomenon that is so prevalent among humans? Where does it come from? How is it so difficult to admit to simply loving another? Is love such an embarrassing feat? Is it embarrassing to be so tender and kind as to admire another?

Just A Simple Compliment

And so what if they don’t love us back? Should we go so far as to call it rejection? “I love you” is simply a compliment. A compliment stating how we deeply adore another person and how they mean so much to us. Is it so hard to compliment someone? When we compliment someone, do we find it necessary that…

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