Wicked Tongues

Daughter of 1 true GOD

We all know what gossip is. Its not a new concept. Its a favorite pastime of many a housewife and husband alike.  You and at least one other person exchange tidbits of news on people you may or may not know. We are all guilty of this. Every single one of us.


Why do we gossip?

We gossip feel superior. By talking  and spreading rumours about people and their failings we make ourselves feel a little less sinful. In comparison. We feel we are a bit better than them, smarter, wiser, more attractive.

We gossip to fit in. Make people laugh. Find something in common. If we can mock the same person we will have a bond and maybe a laugh or two.

We gossip to discredit people. By saying things, wether true or not, we affect people’s reputation. “taking them down a peg or too”…

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