By a Tree, One Summer Morning

Vicariously Poetic

One summer morning, you sat by the willow.

A book, lazily draped over bare knees.

The meaning of time lost among branches.

Closed, your eyes were.

I watched you, intently from afar.

The dry summer breeze filtered by blonde strands.

One summer morning, you did not see me there.

Maybe you felt my presence.

I felt a flutter of the heart.

Time meant nothing to me.

Seconds, then minutes, passed by.

One summer morning, I sat by the willow.

Hoping, in futile earnest, for you to arrive.

You never came.

It was one morning.

Only one.

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And then there was Mel

BeforeWorkAfterWorkI have this “friend”, who has this job, at this place where the boss is Tri-polar.

When my friend got this job she was super excited. She was going to work for a hospitality company.  They have restaurants and hotels and stuff like that.  Things that make people happy.  It’s a hospitality company, if anything the people should be hospitable.  I must admit…I mean my friend said the first couple of days were good.  She even had a glass of bourbon with her boss while going over some business.  Who wouldn’t want to be able to have a drink while at work.  That seems like the dream job. Yeah, it was all a facade.  He reels you in with the niceness and then the crazy man appears.

One instance, she has many more but I won’t subject you all to all the craziness at one time.  her boss told her that…

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44. Connect.

Year of Realisations

I’ve spent a lot of time on my own recently, probably more than I would like, but it has enabled me to think through my relationship with the world and what it gives me in return for being a part of it. What I’ve found is that I get far more out of life when I’m around people and engaging in the world around me than if I shut myself away.

We all go through phases where we want to be alone. Maybe it’s a break up that causes us to withdraw, perhaps it’s frustration with ourselves or others that drives us to disengage. This, I believe, is completely acceptable and natural. When life isn’t working out the way we intended, we need that time to reflect and regroup and formulate a new plan of attack.

However, this needs to be self-limiting. If it becomes a permanent way of living…

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Television Shows Negatively Impact Your Romantic Relationship

Study Shows

Your television habit can wreak havoc on your romantic relationship. If you frequently watch television shows that prominently feature romantic relationships, then you are jeopardizing the status of your own relationship with your partner or spouse. That’s according to the findings of a study published in the September 2012 issue of Mass Communication and Society.

The study uncovered that the more you believe the portrayals of romance you see in television shows, the lower the likelihood of you committing to your romantic relationship.

More than 390 married couples served as participants in the study. They answered questions about their satisfaction with their romantic relationship, their expectations, level of commitment, belief in the television portrayals, and viewing frequency. Several other questions related to their spousal relationship were also asked. And it was discovered that the more a person believed in the television-based romance, the higher the relationship “costs.” Relationship costs…

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Christianity Cove | Devotions for Children | Thanksgiving Mom Challenge: 7 Mini Challenges to Make Your Kids Thankful this Thanksgiving

Adults quickly grasp the idea of counting their blessings, but without the benefit of perspective that comes with many life experiences, kids often take blessings for granted. But we want children to understand blessings and gratitude—especially at Thanksgiving!

As one mother of five put it, “I can get my kids to say thank you for lots of things.  I’m not sure they really feel thanks.  They can look overjoyed for a present on a birthday or Christmas morning, but it’s directed at the object, not the giver, and truthfully, I don’t see them get many gifts that keep them grateful for more than a couple days.  And yet, I believe genuine thankfulness is an important part of spirituality.”

The Bible does say, “In everything, give thanks, for this is…

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Stories of my life

So last week I spent time with both parents. We met in Vegas and they came back here to Phoenix for a few days. I greatly enjoyed spending time with my aunt and uncle in Vegas, but when my parents arrived I just felt the atmosphere change. My dad had been in Phoenix for about a week before Vegas, but when mom arrived it just blew up! A lot has built up inside me and I’m gonna try to put it to words on how it makes me feel. Clear my head because now I feel all clogged and cloudy headed. First off they are downers. They complained a bit about Scott and Katy. They don’t understand why they do or think certain ways. Who cares is what I say! I wonder the same thoughts about my parents. They just seem very set in there ways and narrow minded. They…

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Major Surgery – Ulcerative Colitis Sucks!

Jenny Ellis' Blog

1st Oct 2007 first day of surgery. Matt, Luke and myself arrived at the hospital, the other children were in school with grandparents in place to take care of them. We saw the stoma nurse and she drew with a black marker pen on Luke’s stomach where the stoma would be placed. The wait for the surgery seemed so long, Luke could not settle and only wanted to be reassured that he would be able to play football afterwards. It would be the last time Luke’s stomach would look perfect, without holes and without scars from surgery:(

4pm time to go down for the surgery Matt had agreed to go with him into the anaesthetic room. Which was a relief for me, I sat and waited outside, thankfully I didn’t have to go through the emotions of leaving him looking like he was dead, this time it was a…

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Ortberg – Love beyond reason


231.6 O

Author Ortberg, John.
Title Love beyond reason : moving God’s love from your head to your heart / John Ortberg.
Published Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan Pub., c1998.
Description 221 p. ; 22 cm.
Note “Willow Creek Resources.”
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
Summary  Discover the God you’ve longed to encounter; a Father head-over-heels in love with you, his child, and intensely committed to your highest joy.  Ortberg takes you to the very core of God’s being to discover a burning, passionate love that gives, and gives, and gives.  He explores the life-changing ways this love has expressed itself through Jesus.  And he shows how you, like Jesus, can love your mate, your family, your friends, and the world around you with the same practical, transforming love.
Subjects (Topics) Love — Religious aspects — Christianity.
God — Love.
God — Worship and love.
Christian life.
ISBN 0310234492 (pbk.)

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