Road Trip

a bloody tourist

After two and a half months of exploring the lovely city of Melbourne, Australia, we received some long awaited news. We were going to be moving to Sydney. Well, hopefully, if the trial with my boyfriends new job went well enough.

The day we received the news, we were on a beautiful picnic in the hills. We had decided to grill out sausages and drink cider in our own tiny celebration of welcoming the fresh summer breeze. We had just finished eating and were cleaning up when the phone calls started pouring in. That’s right, multiple jobs were all calling at once, cause when it rains it pours, right? He was off pacing in the distance while I played with a kookaburra that had been eyeballing the sausages since we had first arrived. Me, being the American that I am, fed the foreign bird and watched as it dive bombed…

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