2014 Reads: The Most Captivating and Profound Books I Read in the Past Year

Stories & Movement

Zen in Motion: Lessons from a Master Archer on Breath, Posture, and the Path of IntuitionShantaramYogic Management Of Common DiseasesThe Strain Volume 1The Elephant WhispererYoga Mala: The Seminal Treatise and Guide from the Living Master of Ashtanga YogaYour Brain on YogaKalari MargamThe Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal PracticeThe Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath

VALISThe Essential Guide to Being Hungarian: 50 Facts and Facets of NationhoodThe AlchemistThe Golden Sayings of EpictetusMake Room! Make Room!The Sayings of ConfuciusSorry I Ruined Your OrgyThe Coroner's LunchNorwegian WoodThe Bhagavad Gita

I read 80-some books in 2014. A few stood out above the rest. I’d put the best of the litter in two categories: the captivating and the profound. This is a more appropriate division than fiction and nonfiction. The captivating books were the ones that I couldn’t put down because they were intriguing and intense. The profound books were the ones containing ideas that changed my approach to life. Very few–if any–of these books came out in 2014, so if you’re looking for the best books of the year you might want to look here or here.

The Captivating

1.) The Elephant Whisperer   [A wildlife preserve owner takes in an elephant herd, and learns about how the mighty animals think, feel, and communicate.]

2.) The Beach  [A traveler in search of a fabled perfect beach finds it, and ultimately wishes he hadn’t.]

3.) Shantaram [An ex-con on the lam hides…

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