Ashamed of

Kassandra Harte

It’s early in the morning for me. The time if day people generally can think at their best. I can’t. My mind won’t stray from thoughts of you. This is always the same morning on repeat.

Some would say it’s a dream come true. I’d say it’s a nightmare on repeat because I know my dream will never come about. It wouldn’t make sense if it did. After all the effort I’ve put into you, into me, into us and this.

Some days I question my memory. You’re not who you said you’d be. There was Sara then Casey and most recently Emile. Do you see what’s frightening about waking up now? Day after day. I never wanted to play this game.

You like to keep score of all my un-dotted eyes. Did you ever really love me. Or was it just a way you could kick me down just…

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