Beneath the surface, this person makes me feel ill….


Imagine a box of chocolates. Pretty packaging, luxurious, full of promise and delight. You know its no good for you, but you know your limits and won’t eat too much.

You unwrap the ribbon, smell the sweet coco scent and ponder “which one of these treats shall I scoff first?”

But a few mouthfuls later delight turns to nausea. It wasn’t such a good idea after all? Well the same can be said for human relationships that are delivered to us in pretty packaging too.

Think of someone who from the outside appeared to deliver so much, but beneath the surface their fabric made you feel ill and was not good for you. This could be a friend, partner, someone who at the time walks into your life as a guardian angel, a colleague. So what can we do to protect ourselves from feeling ‘sick’? Well, being suspicious…

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