Bollwood vs. Bear

just unheard of

13th December, 2014
From above, he had the face of a Bollywood movie star.
She wasn’t joking. Missing only the grey-green eyes and rippling muscles, from above his features sharpened into film star angles. His teeth all perfectly white. His forehead caramel (deep caramel, as in when there’s lots of caramel) and perfectly smooth. All dominated by his large, black, deep and dazzling eyes.
From below, he looked like a chubby bear. Not in a good way. His jawline disappeared, or rather, became spherical, like a globe, and his eyes shrank and narrowed. His scratchy beard made him look grubby, unkempt, and it made her want to scrub his face with soap and a hard brush.
She’d told him the Bollywood part. He’d acknowledged the compliment by at first attempting to be modest, but ending with, “Who am I kidding, I’m pretty fantastic”, stretching widely with that benign narcissism which…

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