Canned or frozen veggies?? Hmmmm……

The Fit Girl Talk

Life can be hectic at times, always on the go with little time to cook, leaving you with takeout food almost every day. Regardless of your lifestyle, it is very important to eat your veggies; they will keep you strong, healthy, and will help your digestive system as well!

Now, the issue comes when choosing between canned or frozen veggies. Which one would be more nutritious? Well, they are relatively even when it comes to fiber and vitamins. Of course, fresh fruit and veggies are always the best option, but if you have to choose between canned and frozen, think about convenience and budget.

Some of the things you have to consider are:

1. Convenience

2. Budget

3. Low sodium options

4. Heavy sauces added to canned or frozen veggies

5. Any additional ingredients that can add more fat and salt

Bottom line, eat your veggies daily and stay away…

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