Creamy Breakfast Risotto with Soft Scrambled Eggs

Have Knives, Will Cook

Revive leftover risotto with custardy soft scrambled eggs and crispy bacon to make this warm and comforting Sunday breakfast.
breakfast riso

Butter, rice, onions, chicken stock.  Because they are so few, the ingredients you choose to make your risotto will make a huge difference in texture and flavor.  The most important is the chicken stock.  It is worth the effort to make batches of slow-cooked homemade chicken stock and keep them in the freezer.  The gelatin from cooking down chicken bones will give your risotto a richer cleaner flavor and superior texture.  Canned or store-bought chicken stock has little to no body and always tastes like the can or package, a flavor that is only intensifies as it cooks and reduces into the risotto.

Second is the rice itself.  Arborio rice is widely available and a good option for risotto.  If you can get your hands on some Carnaroli rice though, you will…

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