Need an Extra Room for Holiday Guests? Call the Weller Haus in Bellevue.

Bellevue Dayton Sun

There is a great and little-known bed and breakfast in Bellevue, Kentucky with a lot of room and charm. The place is called the Weller Haus and it is located at 319 Poplar Street in Bellevue. The innkeeper, and former owner, LeAnn Saylor lives on the property and sold it last spring to Peg Schultz. Peg and her partner have taken over the marketing and other business operations of the Bed and Breakfast allowing LeAnn to concentrate on the day-to-day running of the inn and focusing on the guests and their experience.

The breakfast is better than I have seen at most Bed and Breakfast Inns. Their menu consists of fresh breakfast meats, seasonal fruits and juices as well as your choice or French toast stuffed with honey and peanut butter or stuffed with bananas and pecans. You may also order it plain if you like. Maybe you want pancakes…

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