Overwhelming Transitions

27 & Haphazardly Figuring Out Life

The past month and 14 days have been a wild non-stop roller coaster, that seems to have no end in sight. As I internally scream my head off, I simultaneously feel numb and lost.  I am a planner, an analyzer, and a nomad of sorts.  However, the changes I recently have been apart and initiator of have me in a real bind.

On November 1st, I broke up with the man that I was seriously involved with for seven years.  It was a rocky time throughout, however the last few years have left me feeling unloved and alone. So, after attempting to leave a few times while he was present and him threatening me. I made a huge leap to move out when he went to work. Yes, I realize that this is a very heart-less move when looked in on by outsiders. However, it was the only method I…

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