Party On: Riyadh’s Janadriyah Festival

Margo Catts

My daughter will be having a baby in the U.S. in February, which is fantastic. I’m so excited to snuggle a little newborn girl and to play with her toddler brother. This guy:

Grandson fun Gratuitous grandchild placement

But nothing good comes for free. I’ll be making a substantial sacrifice to go. See, if the baby were coming in, say, July, I’d feel as if she was doing me a favor. But February? That’s the peak of the Saudi expat season. Flowers. Tomatoes. Breakfast on the patio. All the friends here in town. I’ll be missing the best part of the year! And that’s not all–in a country in which festivals or holidays other than Ramadan are not observed (or allowed), there is one: the Janadriyah national culture and heritage festival in…February. Drat.

I got to go last year, and for some reason didn’t write about it at the time, and since…

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