Sunday Summary 12/14 – Graduation!

Hannah Reads Books

I must apologize for the one lonely post this week. I think this is the first week in a year that I’ve only posted once, but I’m not going back to check… I even had one or two basically-ready-to-go things I could’ve posted, but didn’t even have the time/energy to look them up and post them this week, if that tells you anything about my mental state.

10846415_10205715745232350_775580916043410338_nBut I graduated, and it was awesome and momentous and yep, I’m very proud. Dr. Lawrence DeLucas, a man with five degrees who went into space in 1992 to conduct crystal-growth experiments, gave our commencement address. I did not expect to be at all motivated by the commencement address, but with him, I totally was. He made Star Trek references and told us to dream big. When he was finished, the president of the university said “You made a couple of movie references…

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