The Spirit of Sharing! ((In Poetry))

Poetry Connoisseur

Well the Christmas spirit is everywhere, it is almost infectious! And a lot of us are thinking – GIFTS!

I remember as a little child, we used to be so excited about gifts and truly believed that Santa would come down the chimney (yeah we had a chimney!) and drop us out gifts at midnight. And I would sleep with a lot of excitement and anticipation about what could I possibly get! And I just stumbled upon asweet little poem on Gifting and the spirit sharing.

Christmas cheer and Yuletides…

It is a day of love and song.

After the gifts are opened

the lights and tinsel still glow.

Kids smile and cry tears

and adults hug everyone.

Santa is gone for another year

but the spirt should remain.

To many of us forget its magic.

Is not about receiving…

but giving and sharing.

Smile at a stranger.


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