Toby, Kenny, Jason & Luke All Land On Forbes 2014 Highest Paid Musician List

100.3 The Bull

Forbes released their list of highest paid musicians for 2014 and it involved quite a few country acts. At the top of the list was rapper Dr. Dre. His top spot was tagged at $620 million for the year. Most of the income came from the sale of his Beats headphone company to Apple. Houston’s Beyonce came in at the number 2 spot with $115 million.

The highest paid Country artists was Toby Keith who came in at number 10 with $65 million. His money came not only from music but also his Bar/Restaurant chain, his record label and mescal line. Next up in 22nd place was Kenny Chesney who rallied for $44 Million. Jason Aldean was in at 24 with $37 million and Luke Bryan’s $34 million ranked him at 28th on the list of highest paid musicians.

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