Top Tips To Save Money – 3 – Build An Inventory

When you’re a young father to be, your biggest stress is how are you going to afford all of the equipment that you need to keep a child.

First off, build an inventory.

Buying small things, over the duration of the pregnancy can save you a lot of money and stress when the baby arrives.

The items that you should stock up should be:

Milk powder: but make sure that you buy newborn milk, there’s a difference.

Nappies: again, make sure that you buy newborn nappies, because they come in different sizes.


Baby wipes and powder, make sure that the wipes are unscented as this could irritate your baby’s skin.

If you buy these items once a week, by the time your baby arrives you should have an inventory big enough to ensure that you wont have to spend as much money. You don’t have to stop there however…

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