An Antique story


One of my favorite antiques is a Victrola that was my Grandpa’s. It came to me through my Mom. You know, the word “Victrola” is not even in the dictionary any more. Heresy!!  Victorla’s are those 4-foot tall record players (floor models) with the lid that lifts up to reveal the turntable and doors that open for the speaker. They can be smaller and sit on top of a table (aka tabletop) with a big brass horn for the speaker.

If you still don’t have a picture in your mind, here’s a picture of my Victrola:


These items were very popular at the time and there are a lot of them still around today. My model is likely from somewhere between 1912 and 1925.  I like mine because it feels like a full experience of the past: you can see and hear the past in this lovely piece of furniture…

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