Awakening Spirit Think About: Day 4

The Blessed-Based Business

out of service

Another sign
that people are beginning to awaken
is that things that used to serve them
no longer do

It could be something on the physical level
as simple as a food
that they used to enjoy
but served no purpose for nourishing the body

They may suddenly find that one of their favorite treats
no longer agrees with their system
whereas more nutritious foods, while perhaps not as tasty
give their body more energy

It could be on a mental level
concepts which once seemed hard for them to learn
(math, or reading, politics, personal decisions etc.)
now flow and come to them more easily

It could be on an emotional level
a person they once clung to
in order to make them feel complete or whole
yet who did not feel the same
no longer holds that importance
or power
over their life

It could be on a…

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