Blogmas Day 14: Sick Around the Holidays

One More Thing

“If you’re sick you shouldn’t be sad, because sad spelled backwards is das and das not gud.” – Confucius


December may, in fact, be the busiest month of the year for every single person on planet Earth. We have dinners, dates, holiday get togethers, nights catching up with friends or family. It’s hectic.

And when you stretch your body and mind to their physical limits by keeping a packed calendar, your immune system says, “Hey, can you not?” and throws you the curve ball of a winter cold.

Being social is the pinnacle of my existence, hence my packed planner full of fun winter festivities. So if for one whole weekend I am completely out of commission–missing my monthly bowling league, a friend’s going away party, and a family birthday party (with bbq ribs, umm)–you know that I very well may be on the brink of death. I mean, last night I was even too sick…

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