Can chopsticks help to solve global obesity?

Sustainability soapbox

IMG_6952The other day I ordered ‘Fuh’ in a vietnamese restaurant.

As delicious as it was, I struggled to eat this broth (full of beef slices, noodles, bean shoots and thai basil) with only a spoon and a pair of chopsticks.

It suddenly dawned on me that eating with these mimimalist utensils might be a good way to lose weight.


Noting that there’s not much new under the sun (as my mother used to say), I was not surprised to find lots of links to a so-called ‘chopsticks diet’ on the Internet. This was definitely not a new idea.

For example, this concept was promoted by Kimiko Barber in her book ‘The Chopsticks Diet: Japanese-inspired Recipes for Easy Weight-Loss‘ (here).

The ‘theory’ behind such diets is that chopsticks force you to eat smaller portions and chew your food more – especially if you put the chopsticks down between each bite. (And assuming you don’t starve before you become a proficient chopsticks user.)


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