Dat 27 / 90 Fat leg, Doco office, broken car, Chest X-ray

Tic Toc Tic Toc dying to a killer clock

Here is a  shots re size difference, getting better now on blood thinners.

IMG_1598A big thank you to Gail and Craig who answered our office space call out for the docko. Fantastic fully furnished and equiped office in Carlton which is way beyond anything expected. Fiim crew moved in today! Peter Short Film Documentary PTY LTD is looking way too professional. Donations always welcome, via the details on the dock tab above.

On the weekend we had a special time with our best friends and some of the younger generation at Oakdene winery in Wallington. It is an amazing place for lunch. One friend read a poem ,better than when I can’t hear it was the idea, a good one both poem and idea. Elizabeth and I were staying down at Queensciffe overnight and Mitch was driving home, see pic

IMG_1605His car does not have a spare and this tyre…

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