Empathy’s Sweet Power

Do What's Right

Having a masculine tenderness and empathy won’t keep you from lopping off a few heads, but it will teach you to approach the dirty task with greater moral justice. Popular images of Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) justice are rife with modernized perversions. We all recognize how Israelis and Arabs go after each other, but we forget that Judaism, Islam and Christianity have all been heavily Hellenized. While specifics vary widely, the broad underlying effect is obvious. What we see in the Near East today often bears no resemblance to the ANE. When you read a wider selection of ANE literature, you realize most of the talk of severity was just that — talk.

Have you ever noticed how many capital crimes in the Law of Moses required being caught in the act by two or three witnesses? That’s not easy to arrange for most things. Going to judgment with only…

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