Everybody loves Fanny Brice

Musicals Are Great

Fanny Brice

Everybody loves Fanny Brice. A few weeks ago I finally saw ‘Funny Girl’. I’ve been looking for this movie many years, and finally I found a DVD pack with ‘Funny Girl’ and ‘Funny Lady’, both with Barbra Streisand playing the main role. This movie is based in a Broadway show, which story is also inspired in a real character, Fanny Brice.

I loved Barbra’s performance, she is a Goddess, she is an absolutely diva. But I enjoyed Fanny Brice as well. I didn’t know much about her, I had no idea about the story of ‘Funny Girl’, and I’ve just heard some songs before in some ‘Glee’ episodes. And I realized that Rachel Berry (‘Glee’s main character, played by Lea Michele; I’m sure you know her, musical lovers) has a lot of Fanny.

The Fanny…

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