Everything’s A Process (Win)

CLFLSND - Musician, Writer, Daydreamer

Have you ever found yourself pushing so hard to accomplish something, only to have things magically fall into place once you’ve called it quits?

It’s as if the universe is just messing with you, making you run to the end of a rainbow and back for a pot of gold, only to find it lying in a random ditch as you sulk your way back home.


Does that make sense?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself in that sort of situation, accomplishing things right at the moment I’ve given up on them. In fact, that feeling was the motivation for a song I wrote called ‘Win.’

The song’s from an upcoming acoustic(ish) record of mine. The process of making the record was absolutely filled with moments like the one I’ve described above, particularly when it came to tracking the vocals.

If there’s one thing that producer…

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