In the Kitchen

Middle Aged and Listening 2 Music

Yesterday I spend a bit of time in the kitchen at home cooking dinner which provides a perfect opportunity to listen to something off the internet. I chose “101” by Depeche Mode.

What has been fascinating doing this blog is the experiences I’ve had when revisiting old albums. The albums have roughly fallen into one of these groups:

  • Some I have had no love for; just grown out of them
  • Some I can’t even remember why I bought them
  • Some have been a pleasant memory
  • Some I have decided need playing more often
  • Some have been OMG, why did I stop playing this
  • Safe to say this album falls into the last category. I had seriously forgotten how much I loved this album.

    The album has a bit of history because I originally borrowed this from a friend and taped it. It was round about the end of…

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