Review: The Rook by Daniel O’ Malley

Corrosive Teapot Books

I’ve always approached the internet with a heavy dose of skepticism, and with good reason. I wasn’t fooled when I read an article about Wayne Knight’s death and I shrug off the countless reports about teenagers finding new ways to get high, but that doesn’t mean i don’t still get fooled. One website that I’m pretty fond of, which covers news on video games and movies, made a trailer for a Harry Potter spinoff called The Aurors, which focused on the series’ band of dark magic hunters. Needless to say I was devastated that the whole thing was a prank since I thought the idea was amazing, and couldn’t help but hope that someone would actually make it one day, which they didn’t. Enter Daniel O’ Malley’s The Rook, which serves not only as the Auror story we never got, but a very good fantasy story on its own.


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