eyesight(walking on some path)
hindsight(walking by):nice ass…
foresight(also walking by):nice boobs…
eyesight:oh shut up you two!!eve-teasing words is a crime.i hope you realise that.
foresight:we are here to do what our ancestors taught us.
hindsight:yeah!we just did what our ancestors taught us.
eyesight:well i could report you to petw(people for the ethical treatment of words)anytime i want.
hindsight:but we just did our job.that’s what we’re living for.
eyesight:stop staring at me like that!that applies to both of you!didnt your parents teach you any grammars(manners)?
foresight:we have our goals in life you know…watch out…you may trip on something…
eyesight:on what?oh crap!ouch!arghhhhhhh!
hindsight:oh sorry about that!you just tripped,didnt you.i think foresight was the culprit.
foresight:yeah right!hindsight is such a loser.he always blames people.
hindsight:and foresight’s just blamed me now!oh what a hypocrite he is…
eyesight:oh leave me…

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