The Transformative Powers of Herbal Tea

Content Catnip

Herbal tea has always been lauded as possessing many medicinal qualities that help with everything, from fighting off a virus to stopping nausea and vomiting.

What to Look For In Herbal Tea

Some fruit teas contain synthetic ingredients. These synthetic ingredients don’t taste as good as the real thing, and they have no real therapeutic benefit either. Instead, opt for herbal teas that are slightly more expensive but contain only real herbs, with few or no synthetic additions or preservatives.

Make Your Own Tea

Alternately, if you have time to potter around in your own garden, you can make your own teabags out of your own herb garden. This is as natural and organic as it gets! Here’s an excellent guide I found for making tea straight out of your garden.

Ginger: Body Warmer

Ginger tea has an unmistakably tangy and spicy taste. It’s a super remedy for the…

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