Extract from Opher’s new book – Opher’s Art and outpourings. pt 6

Opher's World


Psychedelic Opher & Liz – 1973

I’m not sure Liz finds this very flattering.  I had this idea of fusing some of the characteristics of each of us in the other. Her partial beard does not really suit her and having my nose is not in keeping with her immense beauty. But I certainly get the better deal.

Love means that you always carry part of the other person round within you. We have shared so much we are bonded forever, beyond break up or death. We carry part of everyone we have interacted with but when you have been as close as lovers can, so that your mind and emotions flow from one to the other there is a melding that goes beyond anything else. We are no longer separate, nor can ever be.

It was another one of my attempts to show the energy at play within us…

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