He loved me enough to make me wait.


Do you guys remember me saying that I would let you guys know when I passed my math class, and we could celebrate together? We’ll start celebrating! I passed with an A! EEK! Yes, I am super geeked about that! 

Anyhow. I want to talk to you about God’s faithfulness through this last semester. It was not an easy road. I wanted to give up, and drop classes multiple times, but I stuck it out because I couldn’t shake that “God has me on this path for a reason, and I just can’t see it yet” feeling. Come on fellow Christians, you know what I’m talking about, right? 

I remember coming home from class in tears the second week in, and my sister tattled on me to our supervisor who has the BIGGEST heart, and she told me that she would help me with my homework. She didn’t know that…

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