something’s changing.

authentically alive

DSC_0174photo by me

i’ve always disliked autumn and winter, but since we had such a beautiful summer this year, i don’t mind the change.

i usually bury and tuck my head inside during the cold seasons to wait it out, but something is different this time around.

i’m starting to see beauty in everything.

the fog. the color of the sky in the morning. the raindrops on the windshield.

i’ve always seen this, but now i’m actually looking and wondering.

maybe it’s the early mornings with school and work that i get to see the little heavenly things that don’t happen during the day.

like light rays pouring through pine trees.

or the rising sun turning Mt. Hood and St. Helens a soft pink.

or the quiet empty roads.

or the double rainbows that are so close i can reach out and touch them.

i don’t know why it’s different…

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