7 MORE Ways to Keep Christ in Your Christmas

Strength for the Weary

With less than a week left before Christmas, keep yourself in the joy and peace of the season by implementing some or all of the following. The last post focused on ways to stay aware of Christ throughout the season; this one presents quicker-to-implement ideas for getting yourself into the right mood (rather than a mad rush) to greet the actual day.

1. If you have any planned shopping or decorating left undone, do it NOW or forget about it. Sometimes the latter is the better option, especially if the list suddenly looks overwhelming in the extreme. Believe me, your loved ones would rather you present them with one small gift under a mini-tree in an otherwise bare room, with a peaceful smile and a warm hug, than have twenty packages shoved at them under Christmas lights glowing from every corner, by someone who is frazzled and irritable from scrambling until the…

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