Whitehorse- the Wilderness City

Zingaro's Journal

We decided to make Whitehorse our new home town without having seen this place before. What I have read and heard about this city was enough to convince me that we would like it here. We arrived at night after three long days of driving. The next morning we were up early and very, very curious about seeing our new town for the first time. I was excited like a little child sitting in front of a big, wrapped gift. It was quite an emotional moment for me- Whitehorse, finally!! I immediately felt that we arrived home. A new permanent home after having been “zingaros” for 11 months!


Looking down to the airport. Behind and below is the center of Whitehorse.

Whitehorse is the territorial capital, Yukon’s only city, and is home to 28,000 residents out of a total of 36,700 in the whole territory. The Yukon is organized in 20…

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