Digital Classrooms, a toss for the marketers between the USP & the ESP!

Online Classes and Degree Programs

Gone are the days where when a child is born, parent’s first span of the parenting’s knick knacks used to get started with deciding about the first stepping stone for the child .i.e. deciding the school for their kid! Today with the technology with its much spread influence in almost every corner of the world. Education industry has not remained yet unexplored! Talking about this new revolution of the education avatar!! The new digitization is at present a hit among all the students across the world!

Analysing it from a marketer perspective! The advancement in the education is blossoming on a large scale like anything! Tapping on the very USP, the very possibility of making the complete education ecosystem available & in the complete reach of the students! No matter where you are! What making you busy! The digital classrooms have succeeded well in delivering the education to millions of…

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A Christmas and New Year message from Mike and Kelly

Mike in Medway


As the term draws to a close today, we would like to take this opportunity of reflecting on the past year.

Despite some negative headlines, results have been steadily improving all across Medway.

Early years and Key Stage 1 are outstanding, Key Stage 2 results have seen a year on year improvement and GCSE and A Level results have been tremendous.Hundreds of our pupils have gone off to Universities across the country.

We have visited many schools and events over the year and we include in this our Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme which had the largest number of qualifications in 2014. The fantastic work done by our Medway Youth Parliament with over 300 nominations for the Try Angle Awards and of course the Medway Youth Trust  with it’s extremely successful National Citizens Awards which, once again, have seen increasing numbers participating and different voluntary organisations benefiting from the social…

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Mawhiba to open four new schools for the gifted


mawhiba to open four new schools for the gifted Mawhiba to open four new schools for the giftedEducation Minister Prince Khaled Al-Faisal has announced that special schools for the gifted will open in the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah, Madinah and Dammam which will gradually be expanded to include all parts of the Kingdom.

The prince made the announcement during the 7th executive committee meeting of Mawhiba (King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity).

He asserted that Mawhiba is based on intellectual, scientific and practical approaches to creativity.

?Mawhiba is a channel of creativity leading to a successful future for all those who participate in it,? the minister said, adding that ?creating the future is the mission of creative and innovative individuals.?

He stated that the people of the Kingdom are fortunate to live in the era of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah which is distinguished for its talent and creativity.

?We have the minds, the capabilities and the leadership that will…

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{Ministry Mom} Living messages.

{We are His Daughters}

By: Mandy Hill

I came across a quote today that spoke straight to my heart. It goes like this:
“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” – John W. Whitehead


I started to think about this statement, specifically with how it relates to the Christmas season. I started to think of our family’s traditions, the ways we celebrate our Saviour’s birth, and where my husband and I exemplify our priorities. Celebrating advent together through daily devotions, operation Christmas box, and the tradition of ‘giving’ are just a few of the things I pray my children will carry on with their own families.

Our culture so very easily becomes engulfed in the spirit of ‘receiving‘. We are all guilty of this to some degree. When chatting with a few of my favourite little people this past weekend I heard the words “

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Kenyan tv star accused of being a con man and serial liar



An image consultant who appears on the
dating TV show, Tujuane and is one of the Fashion analysts on Fashion Watch hosted by Lilian Muli and Slimposible, has been accused of
reneging on his promise to pay a debt to an
events company.
Robert Burale is being accused of not paying
Sh586,500 worth of services provided for his
two clients who were hosting their end of year
parties a few weeks ago.
Our source, who requested anonymity, claims
that efforts to get Burale to pay up has hit the
“We had a verbal agreement to provide the
services since he was friends with a common
pal who vouched for his creditworthiness, we
provided the service,” the source said. “Since
then, he has been giving empty promises.”
Called for comment, Burale told Word Is
yesterday, “For the love of God, I’m somewhere
waiting to meet up with one of the…

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Joyful Baubles!

Joyful Bricks

The Joyful Baubles In Darkness A light-up, non-LEGO® brick included in every bauble!

The Joyful Baubles Closeup Close-up view of bauble

A hand-stitched ribbon comes attached to each Joyful Bauble.

Note: The color of the stitches is not the same as the ribbon, and the stitches may be uneven.

How to get these Joyful Baubles:

One Complete Series: SGD32.50

One Shepherd Pie: SGD7.50

Product Disclaimer:

LEGO® compatible, but not a product of LEGO®.

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Leaving Home

Dawn Chorus

How I came to be stood on Andover train station on a Saturday afternoon nearing the end of November waving inwardly to a disappearing train as realisation hit, is  a different story altogether.  Suffice to say rail engineering works had disrupted the normal timetable and a personal trip to Oxford for a meal led me via Andover.

We arrived at the station and realised we had just missed the train to London, but we had a complicated list of ticket related purchases to organise so the lack of pressure was not unwelcome.   Finally sorted with tickets we made our way to the platform.   A warming cup of tea was essential and a few moments to catch up on all the last 19 years’ worth of chit chat although I was unaware really of the whole significance of the conversation.

Number 1 Son had announced earlier that week that he had…

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