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The Future isn’t the Past

Make It Your Problem

I think it is worth restating, the future isn’t the past. Yet, so many clients conversations lead to the opposite conclusion. ” I know things are changing but why can’t it be like it used to be?” or less overtly ” It is getting so hard to keep up”.

The recurring theme is that we recognize change is upon it – don’t like it much, can’t comprehend the pace and speculate that tomorrow will be a variation on today. The first to don’t matter and the third is likely wrong.

You can not like change all you want but it doesn’t slow or stop it. It only slows or stops you and will eventually leave you behind. It will leave you behind way faster than you imagine. If you think it will take a year for something to take a foothold – it will be adapted and adopted in a…

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Celebrating the Holidays at Broadkill Resort

John Edward Lawson

by Jennifer Barnes on January 4, 2016

IMG_2980IMG_2978We were lucky that the Broadkill Resort was pretty much rental-ready when we bought it, but there were still a few things we wanted to improve before we started have workshops and retreats there. So over the holidays we decided to celebrate at the beach while making improvements to the house.

My sister came up with a fabulous Christmas/seafood themed menu and did most of the cooking. Here’s what we had:

It turned out to be the perfect weather for Christmas at the beach with unseasonably warm weather. It got into the 70s! Santa brought the resort a great yard wagon for carting things like firewood to the beach. We discovered mistletoe in a tree on the property and learned that space under the griddle…

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NEW – Business Professional Group

Distinguished Toastmaster Paul Finkelstein, DTM (561)302-0051 Eastern Time


Empire.Kred look like it needed a business professional group, so I started one last night.

21 members overnight. 60 members in 3 days.  The buzz. The Curiousity. Let’s do this…

12/16/2015 We now have 92 members in a short time and climbing.  Attend a business group daily virtually online the EK way!  1 reason. Leverage. Empire.Kred rocks!  Reach Out for community kindness and service!

Business Professionals: ENTER HERE

Here is the link to Business Professionals on Empire.Kred or EK

Register your Empire.Kred account TODAY!

Business Professional group

I look forward to seeing your introduction in the designated topic/thread.

Yours truly,

Paul and Sara

Other deets you need to know about Empire.Kred below:

Pics are 1000 words.  Vids must be millions.

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Day 217 – Tues 3rd Feb 2015


Unzip to archipelago zip up until rain ceases then ride to a small village where we stop to unpack and dry tents on a school fence local kids rush over enthralled embroil us in a game of football for an hour local man stops to watch invites us for chai it feels like the whole village emerges and approaches and we tell each one what exactly such dirty and loaded up cyclists from England are doing passing through their neck of the woods. After chai we move bikes 3 meters to the local shop recount our story to another dozen people we finally escape stop at a football pitch to cook then make camp amongst nearby hedges as the full moon illuminates guitar sound waves.

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