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MLM Tips – The Struggle is Part of it


Ralph B. Robinson

going You try to get ahead, you try to get your business moving in the right direction but it seems there is ALWAYS something there to set you back. Cousin Ed hangs around the house just to tell you all the reasons why it won’t work, yet he doesn’t even have a job! You have to set aside the time to work your business but it’s been cold this winter and some of your pipes have frozen and busted. Your power bill is through the roof and the kids need new shoes.

On top of all that it seems as though it’s taking FOREVER to learn this online marketing thing! We’ve all been there, so you’re not alone when facing these issues.

What you MUST realize is that “The Struggle is Part of it”. That’s one of the BEST MLM tips I can give you.

In my video I talk…

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Excuses excuses

No excuses just make it happen!!

Yoga with Sophie

This morning I was reading through some old articles on the Lululemon blog, and I came across a post called “Lessons from 31 runs – a mileadaymay” and my first reaction was… I should do that (even though it’s November)… and then my second reaction was: but not today because it’s Sunday. And then the excuses just started flowing:

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NEW MUSIC: J. Cole ft TLC – Crooked Smile


With his sophomore album set to drop on June 18th. J. Cole releases the second track from his new album ‘Born Sinner’. Titled Crooked Smile featuring vocals from TLC, Cole is telling boys and girls worldwide to embrace their imperfections and don’t worry about it.

Cole’s teeth are rather well-known for being in a bad state but as he tell listeners, he’s got the money to fix them, people say he should fix them but look how far he’s come with them so he keeps them ‘twisted’ to show kids it’s possible.

Not his hottest track but strong nonetheless, uplifting with a nice meaning. The long wait for Born Sinner is nearly over with only 13 days to go, let’s hope the album gives us what ‘The Warm Up’ promised.Image

Line of the track – “No need to fix what God already put his paintbrush on”

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