NEW – Business Professional Group

Distinguished Toastmaster Paul Finkelstein, DTM (561)302-0051 Eastern Time


Empire.Kred look like it needed a business professional group, so I started one last night.

21 members overnight. 60 members in 3 days.  The buzz. The Curiousity. Let’s do this…

12/16/2015 We now have 92 members in a short time and climbing.  Attend a business group daily virtually online the EK way!  1 reason. Leverage. Empire.Kred rocks!  Reach Out for community kindness and service!

Business Professionals: ENTER HERE

Here is the link to Business Professionals on Empire.Kred or EK

Register your Empire.Kred account TODAY!

Business Professional group

I look forward to seeing your introduction in the designated topic/thread.

Yours truly,

Paul and Sara

Other deets you need to know about Empire.Kred below:

Pics are 1000 words.  Vids must be millions.

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