How to Travel without Going Broke!

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There has been a lot of change in our lives since we moved to the Netherlands last year.  One thing that has been consistent, though, has been our obsession with travel.  We have been able to visit 13 countries since moving to Europe, and I am frequently asked how.  We are not millionaires (or even close!), and we rarely traveled when we lived in Texas.  It isn’t cheap, but over the past year I’ve learned a few tricks.  So, here are my 5 biggest secrets to vacationing without stressing over the bill:

Dresden, Germany Dresden, Germany

1.  Start with a Flexible List…
…of where you want to go.  I mean, everywhere.  This includes everything from touring your state capital to taking that safari in New Zealand.  Search for some things that interest you within driving distance to add to your list (you know, for those weekend getaways!).  Call it something inspiring (dream…

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