An English Christmas In Austin

amber demure


Have you ever roasted a leg of lamb, popped a Christmas cracker, or even made roasties? (Are you wondering, in Gollum’s voice: “What are ‘roasties’ precious?”) If the answer is: Yes, to any of these questions, then this is the post for you!


I damn near lost my mind when my British boyfriend decided to leave me, the ex-vegan, a @#%@ing leg of lamb, and told me to cook it for our Christmas party last night. Are you kidding me?! I am not a lamb-eater, and I don’t know if I’m eating the hand of the puppeteer from Lamb Chop, or god-knows-what, and I certainly don’t know how to cook it! Needless to say, I texted him in a panic. (Don’t fret, Dear Reader, because I will tell you how to cook a 4.5 lb. boneless leg of lamb in this post.) I was kind of stuck with All British…

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Dominick Donnelly’s submission to the NCCA on the Draft Background Paper for the Review of Applied Mathematics

Dominick Donnelly

Dear Sir / Madam,

I write to you with regard to the consultation on the Draft Background Paper and Brief for the Review of Applied Mathematics.  I have filled out the survey online on the NCCA website, but found the scope of its questions somewhat limited, and so I have also submitted the following detailed submission.

About Dominick Donnelly

I have been a secondary school teacher since 1990, having previously obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from TCD.  In the early years of my career I taught in British curriculum schools, both in the UK itself and in British schools in Latin America, teaching Mathematics, Applied Mathematics (as part of various ‘A’ Level Mathematics syllabi) and Computer Studies/ Science (Cambridge IGCSE and International Baccalaureate).  Since my return to Ireland in the late 1990’s I have taught in a variety of schools, mostly in the Cork City area, teaching a wide…

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All The Information Regarding Assam CEE 2015

Entrance Exam

The combined entrance examination that will be conducted by Dibrugarh University in 2015 is commonly known as Assam CEE 2015. The candidates who qualify the exam will get a chance to get admission in various courses like B.Tech, B.E., MBBS, BDS, etc. They can take admission in one of the various colleges of Assam. Details for application form, eligibility, exam centers, etc will be available in this article.

The courses offered under Assam CEE 2015 are:

  • Bachelor of Technology
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • MBBS
  • BDS

The exam is scheduled at various exam centers all over the country.
1. Silchar
2. Bongaigaon
3. Nalbari
4. Lakhimpur
5. Guwahati
6. Tezpur
7. Nagaon
8. Jorhat
9. Dibrugarh

 Important Dates

There are various small and big events that are related to the exam. Similarly, many such events are related to Assam CEE 2015. We are providing details for all those events and the dates…

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Local View —Popple—

Sunrise's Swansong

Tonight I’m going to talk about Popple, because the map and radar-view below show that nothing is happening, weather-wise. I figure nothing happening is a good thing. It frees up time, and one can “make hay while the sun shines.” It wasn’t stormy, so I cut some wood with my chainsaw, including some Popple.

Of course, if you are a true weather geek, you have no hayfield, and can’t make hay while the sun shines. Your life is devoid of meaning, and therefore you have to seek the maps below for storms, even before they exist. Why?  I suppose it because storms cancel school and work, which give one the sense they don’t mean much, and place one in a situation where every helper counts and has meaning. Or, even if you can’t be helpful with the shoveling, at least the humiliations of the classrooms and workplaces cease.

In other…

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High school drill disaster


The year was 1966, I think. The school had some kind of drill going on, but I can’t remember exactly what it was.

We were single filing out the front door across the Great Lawn toward the road. I was observing, to my right, in an intense 16 year old way, how marvelous Jane looked in her tight sweater. What I wasn’t watching was the path ahead of me. While watching Jane, I tripped over a knee high level bush, and did a perfect somersault in the space ahead of me. Hysterical laughter followed. The drill? a failure.

At another drill during the same time frame, a nuclear blast drill, hundreds of students squatted around the perimeter of the auditorium, heads tucked between their legs. This post lunch exercise resulted in massive, loud releases of gas. Teachers yelled-such fools. Another drill failure.

Move back in time to about 1959, a…

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International Educational Consultants Positions

International Educational Consultants

International Educational Consultants can be a specialist that’s unbiased and also assists your students, moms and dads as well as companies with correct educational setting up. Most of these consultants are perhaps seen in your schools nevertheless are generally known as school consultants. They’re usually designated through the school.

Nevertheless the educational consultants are usually used by them selves or perhaps they could perhaps benefit a specific contacting corporation. Education and learning is a concern because quite a while. Each of the group wishes to make sure that his or her children find correct schooling so that they can pick the best style of occupation pertaining to them selves.

Therefore instructors who will be generalists although there are other people exactly who concentrate on a specific industry. These individuals aid selected varieties of students using their specific requires. There are lots of those who are enthusiastic about taking up educational…

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