Review: Logic’s “Under Pressure”

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The Maryland native makes good on the hype, turning in an impressive major label debut. Logic’s “Under Pressure” waxes nostalgia throughout the album, while giving a contemporary tale from multiple perspectives.

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II even sounds like future royalty. Professionally known as Logic, the massively talented Maryland MC has that potential. He’s also an interesting meta case study of multiple perspectives. Surface level, his racial background paints a ready-made perception, fair or not.
Within this particular context, there is a matter of fact. Frankly, while his heritage cannot be questioned, his lighter skin (and his incredibly endearing nature) makes him instantly relatable to others of the lighter hues, who mostly cannot truly identify with his story. He has YouTube clips in the millions of views, exemplifying a cult following that will walk with him over the ledge, if asked. For this, detractors will damn him.
More importantly, there…

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